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Zimmer MedizinSysteme

With 50 years of experience, Zimmer MedizinSysteme has become one of the leading European manufacturers for physiotherapy systems. Medical progress, reliable technology, good design, ease of use and excellent services are the typical characteristics of all our systems.

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PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN AG is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality products for traditional and innovative physical and biomechanical forms of diagnostics and therapy in the areas of rehabilitation, sports and aesthetic medicine.

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Flexstim Electrodes

Neurostimulation Electrode pads are widely used for different purposes such as pain management, tissue repair, muscle relaxation and strengthening and so forth. FlexStim® Neurostimulation Electrode Pads provide pain relief, associated with aching muscles and sore back due to strain from exercise, normal household or other work activities

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Yoga Tape

Yoga tape, helps improve blood circulation. It helps in reduction of pain and swelling. Yoga tape can also be applied before performing Yoga postures to prevent overstretch injuries. When applied, it becomes part of body and each application can last between 3 to 4 days.

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Solace Insoles

Solace Insoles are designed to provide support to arches of the foot. As we wear clothes which follow the contours of the body, the shoe insole should also conform to the arches of the foot. Medical research proves, a well contoured insole of the shoe doesn’t only reduce foot pain, it also reduces the risk of knee and back pain.

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Oska (USA) – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

Oska Pulse is a medical pain relief device that works to relieve pain at the source. The device is lightweight, portable and can be worn on any part of your body where there is pain. Oska Pulse uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) to help relieve pain. Emitting a 22” diameter field, the device does not need to be directly attached to the skin but simply near the area of pain to be effective. The PEMF field travels through clothing and all types of tissue to address the source of pain at the cellular level.

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Hasomed (Germany)

RehaCom is a comprehensive and sophisticated system of software for computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation. This practical tool assists the therapist in the rehabilitation of cognitive disorders that affect specific aspects of attention, concentration, memory, perception, activities of daily living and much more. By solving tasks, brain processes will be activated, and important brain functions will be improved or restored. Successful training means that the user will be better able to cope with the challenges of everyday life. RehaCom can be used even at a very acute stage of injury - and remains relevant through all stages of recovery.

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Strava (USA) – Splint Bath

The state-of-the-art Strava splint bath is the first of its kind, precisely engineered to take the guess work out for the therapist. The Strava splint bath is made of a thermoset material, known for its insulation, flammability resistance, durability, and aesthetic appeal. An easily accessible,

transparent hinged lid along with unique convection heat exchanger technology make for quick and uniform heat distribution of the water.

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Roami (USA) – Progressive Mobility Aid

A 4-in-1 mobility aid, Roami’s retractable wheels easily change the device from a walker to a two-wheeled walker on the fly. Roami’s adjustable frame helps improve balance and stability on slopes and uneven surfaces for those with poor posture. As one of the most advanced walking aids on the market, Roami can adjust up or down to navigate steps. Roam is ideal for cognitively-sound elderly users, amputees, people in rehabilitation / recovery, or with ailments that impair their balance.

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Karis (Korea) – Most Hot Pack Units

Since its foundation in 1984, Karis has manufactured many products: various disinfection and sterilization equipment, with applied UV rays, electric heating cabinet, hot pack unit, and infrared rays device, etc. Hot pack units are available in 4, 8, 14 and 24 packs sizes

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Fabrication Enterprises (USA)

Since 1974, Fabrication Enterprises, Inc (FEI) has been manufacturing and distributing physical and occupational therapy products being used through-out the world today. The products include full range of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, ADL, Exercise Therapy, Evaluation Equipment, Speech Therapy and Rehabilitation equipment.

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Chinesports (Italy)

Chinesport is based in Udine, Italy, between the Alps and Venice. For over 40 years Chinesports have been dedicated to healthy posture for healthy movement. The root of our company name refers to the Italian word “chinesiterapia”, or movement therapy. Chinesports strongly believe and adhere to “movement culture” as a way to prevent and cure injury and disease. The company manufactures large number of rehabilitation equipment for rehabilitation professionals.

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Lega (Malaysia)

LEGA is an electronically controlled medical device for effecting percussion and vibrations to a patient’s predetermined chest area. The amplified vibration waves generated by LEGA loosens the thick mucus plugs which block the air passages especially in weak patients with lung infection. Then, the cough reflex will expel the harmful debris clearing the congested lung of obstructive mucous secretions and thick phlegm usually associated with breathing

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C2Care (France)

C2Care creates market leading therapeutic applications for Virtual Reality. C2Care, a start-up created in 2015, is the world leading company in the development of therapeutic software in virtual reality. Convinced that the well-being of everyone depends above all on access to quality and easy care, we are committed to develop solutions that facilitate this access and that improves the care of each patient.

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Cryo Manufacturing (France)

Whole body Cryotherapy at -110 degree Celsius. The target of whole body cryotherapy is to create a thermal shock which generates vasoconstriction and stimulation of receptors thermal dermis. In a natural way the body defends itself against the thermal shock by various strategies. The brain sends the message priority protection vital organs by blood flow (analgesic effect) and the cold increases the speed of blood flow (drainage of tissues).

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