Sandeep Kumar – Managing Director and Founder

Sailli Viroha (Singapore and Malaysia)

We import a traditional wear from India Salwar, Kameez & Dupatta (SKD) for the Asian countries namely Pakistan, Afghanistan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China, Hong Kong and various other countries. We also specialise in head scarves mainly worn in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia's, Burma, Bhutan and the size, design, colours and mainly the fabric varies from country to country.

The whole process of importing finished goods from India requires a lot of quality control and logistical management which is very aptly managed by our PRO head Ms Pratiti Kaji and personally supervised under our top management care as we are committed to supplying only the best to our customers within a short period of 2 years we have seen exponential growth with more to follow.

We will continue to expand and provide the best and the cheapest to our customers with total quality and quantity commitments. We also facilitate direct exports from India to our customers in Hong Kong, Dubai. Africa and various other nations.

Person in Charge: Pratiti Kaji
Mobile: +6014-3224945