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Our Vision

To be a globally reputed apparel manufacturer, evoking distinctive recognition for Product, Performance, Processes and People.

Our Mission

Achieve profitable growth through Innovation, Quality, Consistency and Commitment.

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Quality Management

We execute the simplest to the most complex of orders for clients worldwide. From Women Product, men Product, fabrics and embroidery to quilting and printing, we have the wherewithal to do everything under one roof. When it comes to delivering quality, we have a distinct style : on time, every time.

Welcome to Sailli Viroha Incorporated in 2014 in Singapore and Malaysia. Sailli Viroha started its healthcare business in manufacturing of health Shoes under “Solace”. The company has expended in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and wellness products in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Brunei. Sailli Viroha manufactures many products under its own brand. One of them is Yoga Tape, a stretch kinesiology tape for prevention and management of pain and soft tissue injuries in sports, rehabilitation and yoga industry. Sailli Viroha also manufactures Solace insoles, and physiotherapy treatment tables under own brand.

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